Library books on shelf

The magic number is 793.8.

Are you interested in learning more about magic and illusion? Your local library is a great place to start. Many magicians found early inspiration from books located at 793.8 in the Dewey Decimal System.

You can also turn to your local brick-and-mortar magic shop. These stores do more than sell books, videos and props. They also support the local magic community in many other ways.

In the Twin Cities, that means:

Twin Cities Magic & Costume

2044 S Robert St

West St Paul, MN 55118

(651) 227-7888


Eagle Magic & Joke Store

11995 County Road 11

Burnsville, MN 55337

(612) 333-4702


Finally, of course, joining a magic club is a great way to meet people who share your obsession interests. Learn more about joining Ring 19.