Nov. 13: We’re going themeless!

In the recent survey of IBM members, a couple of things stood out. One, you like having monthly themes. Two, you’re not crazy about having them every single month. Sometimes you just want to break free. We get it. So for our Nov. 13 meeting we’re going themeless. It’s no-theme November!

Bring whatever you’ve been working on without worrying whether it fits into some mandated theme dictated from on high. Magicians of the world unite — you have nothing to lose but your chains! (Working on a chain escape? Bring it! We don’t care. It’s no-theme November.)

But is themeless itself a theme? What if declaring freedom from a monthly theme is, itself, a theme? After all, it provides a promotional hook for the meeting, and it seems like something that could become a semi-regular feature. What is the sound of no theme theming? Join us to ponder this and other profound mysteries.

Ring 19 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians meets on the second Monday of each month at Broadway Pizza in Minneapolis (2025 West River Road), in one of their basement banquet rooms. The Nov. 13 meeting starts at 7 p.m. but all the cool kids come early and grab something to eat! Hope to see you there.

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